There are two huge events this week, Cajun Groundhog Day and then Sunday’s Super Bowl.

I hope you’ll join us at 7 a.m. Thursday to see Pierre C. Shadeaux make his annual weather prediction.

The program runs about a half hour, so hopefully our new starting time gives you the chance to attend and still be on time for school or for work.

If it’ll help, I can write you a note to show the principal or the boss to explain why you were a few minutes late.

The Daily Iberian and New Iberia’s Downtown Business Association team up to sponsor this event, which we advertise as offering “fun and frivolity.” It’s always fun, but especially for the kids who really seem to enjoy it — and watching them enjoy themselves is part of the fun for us.

Andy Reaux and his staff at Reaux Animal Hospital have been pampering Pierre with spa-like treatment, helping him feel good and look good for his big day. Pierre can be a bit temperamental like some of those other stars for which their fame has gone to their heads.

Andy and crew try getting Pierre in a good mood so he’ll come out on his cue to make his prediction.

The Rev. Canon Larry Wilkes from Epiphany Episcopal Church will get us started with an invocation.

Iberia Parish President Romo Romero will be on hand to offer an official proclamation in keeping with the importance of the day. New Iberia Mayor Hilda Curry has a conflict but will send a representative to make sure Pierre gets a proper greeting.

We’ve invited and will present the winners of our Cajun Groundhog Day Essay Contest, for which IberiaBank has generously provided prizes.

And District 49 state Rep. Simone Champagne will be our grand marshal, with it being her duty to make the official call for what Pierre sees ... shadow, or no shadow?

No shadow is good news. It means we’ll have a longer spring and put off summer’s heat and humidity.

But if Pierre sees his shadow, that’s bad news ... but it’s nothing about winter. For us it would mean a shorter spring and a quicker return of summer’s heat and humidity.

That’s why we got Pierre involved and started the Cajun Groundhog


What do we care what that Yankee groundhog up in Pennsylvania sees Thursday morning?

Six more weeks of winter? Heck, bring it on. Look at how many days lately have been in the high 60s or even 70s.

We’re not worried about winter. It’s summer that’s a problem here.

Come join us, rain or shine, Thursday for Cajun Groundhog Day.

It’s gonna be fun.

It’s disappointing that the Saints seemed like they had a decent chance of getting back to the Super Bowl this year, but let that chance slip away giving up a last-second touchdown in the playoff game against San Francisco.

We’re looking for local connections to this Super Bowl or even past Super Bowls that we might consider for stories in coming days. Email us at, or call our newsroom at 321-6766.

WILL CHAPMAN is publisher of The Daily Iberian.

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