If you think you’ve got a knack for cooking up the best fowl, fish, wild game or jambalaya or dessert, bring your team to battle it out Oct. 27 during the 10th annual Brudley’s Wild Game Cookoff.

All proceeds from this event go to the Iberia Boys and Girls Club to help covering its operational costs, Chris Martin, a member of the organization’s board of managers, said. Held each year at the SugArena, teams compete in categories including wild game, seafood, jambalaya, dessert and “other.”

There is no admission fee for teams to enter, and teams must come prepared to serve up at least 250 samples of their signature dish. Aside from judges, there also will be a “People’s Choice” category.

Also during the Oct. 27 event from 4 to 8 p.m., there will be a silent auctions, reptile exhibit for the kids and a live music from The Bad Boys. Food will be served from 5 to 7 p.m.

For information on how to enter your team, donate an auction item or become a sponsor call 268-9555.

The cookoff honors Brudley Kibodeaux and his wife, Nancy, who were both active members of the Iberia Parish community, particularly in youth programs. The couple was killed by a drunk driver in 2007 in a wreck on Louisiana 182.

“All proceeds benefit the Iberia Boys & Girls Club, and the children who were so dearly loved by both Brudley and Nancy,” Toya Broussard, Iberia board of managers president, said.

"All proceeds benefit the Iberia Boys & Girls Club, and the children who were so dearly loved by both Brudley and Nancy."

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