The colorful lights and familiar snap, crackle and pop of fireworks will fill the air in the Teche Area this holiday season, but whether they are legal to set off is another issue.

The legality of popping fireworks varies from parish to parish and even from jurisdiction to jurisdiction within a parish, depending on where a person lives.

Within Iberia Parish, fireworks are allowed in the communities of Loreauville and Delcambre, as well as unincorporated parish land on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Fireworks are banned, however, within the city limits of New Iberia and Jeanerette.

Fireworks are also allowed throughout St. Martin Parish, but are illegal within St. Mary and Vermilion parishes.

“For people in New Iberia, we will be issuing either warnings or summons, similar to last year,” said Lt. Ryan Turner, spokesman for the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office. Turner added officers will be patrolling inside city limits on those days.

Despite the various rules and regulations, sales of fireworks remains strong at shops in the area.

“It was a little slower due to the weather, but it has picked up a little bit recently,” Adam Oler, manager of Fireworks USA at the corner of Louisiana 14 and Louisiana 83, said. 

Ray Fremin Jr., who manages the Fremin’s fireworks tent on East St. Peter Street, said even though New Iberia does not allow fireworks within city limits, it does not discourage people from purchasing them.

“Everybody knows somebody who lives outside of the city limits,” Fremin said. “We encourage them to just celebrate there.”

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