ST. MARTINVILLE — A decision could be made in the next 30 days on where South Louisiana Community College’s St. Martinville campus will relocate, said Quintin Taylor, executive director of Media Relations for the Louisiana Community and Technical Colleges System.

SLCC is looking for land to construct a new 36,000-square foot building. Its current property in St. Martinville is in a “state of disrepair” and would cost more to renovate than build a new campus, SLCC Public Relations Director Christine Payton said.

Three formal offers have been made for the new campus — one in Breaux Bridge and two in St. Martinville, Payton said.

The Facilities Corporation with LCTCS reviews the properties and decides where the campus will relocate, Taylor said.

“From what I understand, they are hopeful to make a decision within the next 30 days or so,” Taylor said. “They make a decision, the recommendation is made to (the LCTCS) Board of Supervisors and the board and our system president will make a decision based on the recommendations.”

Pellerin Life Insurance Co. is offering to donate nine acres of land in Breaux Bridge, Payton said.

But St. Martinville Mayor Thomas Nelson is determined to keep the campus in the city. The land proposed from the city is near the old Martin Mill, he said.

The land is owned by Levert Cos. and is about 30 acres, so the city should be able to acquire the nine acres SLCC needs, Nelson said.

“Whatever it’s going to take, we’re definitely going to try to ensure that the school remains in St. Martinville,” he said. “It’s good for the community … The school will serve St. Martinville, Parks, Catahoula, Coteau Holmes and even Broussard.”

Neither Payton nor Taylor had information about the third offer, other than that it is in St. Martinville.

SLCC Chancellor Natalie Harder could not be reached for comment.

Construction of the new campus is projected to cost $9.2 million and comes from a 2007 legislative act for the whole community and technical college system, Payton said.

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