A likely candidate for Iberia Parish’s chief administrative officer position, who had already made contact with several Parish Council members, is now in limbo.

In an interview Tuesday, Davis Dautreuil, 69, of New Iberia, said he’d been in talks with the administration about the position. But this morning, he said those talks have been put on hold.

The New Iberia native said he was unsure how long things will be stalled.

“It could be a day; it could be forever,” he said.

Dautreuil would not elaborate on why the talks had come to a halt.

This morning Diane Phillips, clerk of the council, confirmed the council will not vote on Dautreuil or any other CAO appointee at tonight’s meeting.

Several council members expressed concern earlier in the week after Romero put an item on the meeting’s agenda to approve an appointment for CAO, but the council received no name, resume, salary or start date.

On Tuesday, Dautreuil said he had not received a formal job offer from the administration. But when asked if he’d gotten an informal verbal offer, he would not comment.

“There’s been some talk about the possibility of me doing that job,” he said Tuesday.

Also in the Tuesday interview, Dautreuil said he would not be voted on at the council meeting. He said the agenda item would be pulled or tabled at the meeting.

Currently, Dautreuil is retired, but he served three years as Iberia Parish’s chief administrative officer in the mid-1980s under Craig Francis Romero. He also served 16 years as city administrator for Slidell, according to his resume.

“I’m very familiar with public administration, and I know the process extremely well,” he said Tuesday.

In his Tuesday interview, Dautreuil said he didn’t need the job and didn’t need to come out of retirement, but he wanted to, in order to bring unity to parish government and help move the parish forward.

“This parish right now needs continuity. It needs some togetherness. It needs a team. And I believe that I am capable of making that happen,” he said .

Dautreuil said he’s been a public official for more than 33 years and has an MBA.

“I feel that my qualifications are impeccable,” he said Tuesday.

Dautreuil said he had spoken to several council members and every conversation was “very comfortable and very gratifying and very complimentary.”

Councilman Roger Duncan said he spoke Tuesday with Dautreuil, but had not seen his resume.

“He sounds like he’s very knowledgeable and he has some good credentials,” Duncan said, in a Tuesday interview prior to Dautreuil being put on hold.

Duncan said he could form a better impression once he met Dautreuil, but he had some positive things to say after their initial conversation.

“It sounds like he knows what he’s talking about. It sounds like he’s up front and to the point,” he said.

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