With what began as an effort to keep up with the lives and activities of our grown children, now living in and out of town, I signed up for a Facebook account on the Internet. After being accepted as a "friend" by our three children, including one with a wry sense of humor who took a Facebook survey to determine whether he should accept his mom's friend request, I launched into a world of communication with friends and acquaintances far and wide.

Just as Facebook, a social networking site with 750 million active users, opens up vast new worlds of communication through the Internet, food blogs have become a vehicle for sharing the enthusiasm of cooking and eatingthrough online conversation. Accompanied by fully illustrated pictures and sometimes video, bloggers provide updated commentaries on the process of creating new disheson a digital platform. There are approximately 10,000 active food blogs on the web, being submitted by food lovers, or foodies as they are sometimes called, from around the world. The rich traditions of Cajun and Creole cooking can also be found on food blogs, and because of the interest in our famous cuisine, New Orleans was the site chosen to host the International Food Blogger Conference this August.

Since reconnecting with a first cousin, Jean Gautreaux Woodhouse, through a shared recipe which I entered for a past Daily Iberian Cajun/Creole recipe contest, I have had the recent pleasure of meeting her daughter, Stacy, also a lover of our local cuisine and a talented food blogger with a background in journalism. Having lived around the world with her husband who is in the oil industry, she brings a unique perspective to the art of cooking with the Asian influences of foods found in her present home in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Where I was once lost in cyberspace, as our children describe my first exploits into the world of the Internet, I now find myself frequentlylost in culinary cyberspace, but with delicious results! The following recipe is one taken from Stacy's blog, found at http://www.foodlustpeoplelove.blogspot.com, which I think you will enjoy.



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