What exactly is going on in our parish school cafeterias? The kids are all complaining and coming home famished! These is no way a kid can go all day on a 3 inch piece of bread, 2 chicken nuggets, 5 pineapple tidbits and 4 french fries! I understand they (someone special who I am sure has kids that get catered 5 stars meals around the clock) want to cut back on calories, but come on! Just because you cut back on the amount of disgusting chicken nuggets and french fries you are giving them, you are NOT helping them at all. You are HURTING them! Feed them a more filling meal that is healthier for them that this little junk you are giving them. What a disgrace. We are now taking care of our kids like they are inmates in a parish jail. These kids can not concentrate on an empty stomach! What is wrong with the people?? NO common SENSE!?

Oh and before you few selective special people start ranting about my kid going to s! chool to learn not eat.. Both my kids do very well in school thank you very much in advance and yes, I will send my youngest with a lunch from home but the older ones who are already stressed out from the pressures of HIGH SCHOOL will not bring a bag lunch I can assure you of that. So people stop making excuses for the powers that be, trust me they don't give a care about YOU either!

Can the concerned parents please step up and let's try to get something done for OUR children? What NEXT? Have them reading in the dark!?

BTW, I understand there is an election coming up. This is the 2nd time I try to write about this topic in the forum. Wow.

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