I have heard many opinions on the first debate between President Obama and Governor Romney. The conservative media was ecstatic that Governor Romney started the debate firmly in attack mode. The liberal media was furious that President Obama didnt respond in kind and tear apart the numerous Romney fallacies or highlight that the policies he supported during the debate differed from the platform he has been running on. Instead the President took a calm, logical, and fact based position to support what he has done and to question the math of what Romney has proposed. And the math does not add up when you look at the vague mix of tax loophole closing, revenues, increased military spending, and economic growth that Romney is proposing. America didnt have a balanced budget under Reagan, Bush 1, or Bush 2 using that methodology...it doubled the National Debt.

What really resonated is the voucher program that Romney suppo! rts for new entrants in to Medicare. $8,000 is not going to provide adequate healthcare for elderly people. Especially if they are elderly and ill. Even with economies of scale in place, the cost of insurance on the private market for those over 55 would be cost prohibitive.

The question becomes which do you prefer: Substance or Style? Fact or Fiction? Reality or Rewrite? Telling the truth is sometimes painful, but you can look good lying. Kudos to Romney on looking good. Kudos to the President on telling the truth to the American people.

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