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Mitt Shredds Obama in Debate!!!

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Posted: Thursday, October 4, 2012 7:26 am

Mitt Romney SHREDDED Obama in last night's debate!!!

Obama appeared like a deer in Mitt's headlights!!!

Take away his SCRIPTED answers and his teleprompter and put him on a stage with a SUPERIOR candidate and Obama appears like a little boy being scolded by his teacher!!!

Romney/Ryan 2012

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  • Anonymous posted at 9:47 am on Thu, Oct 11, 2012.

    Anonymous Posts: 128106

    I think that since the Republicans made it their TOP PRIORITY to deny Obama a second term, instead of working with the president, as they are paid to do, 7.8 is good. The Republicans have done absolutely nothing in the past 2 years since taking over the house. They come to work, do nothing and collect a check. Why wasn't their top priority getting this country moving again? Because Republicans are slime. They caused the problems we have today, and they will continue to be self serving. Romney is out there selling snake oil and telling you it's perfume. YOU are dumb enough to buy it. This country would be better off without any Republicans. They have proved they don't care about anyone except the party. Keep them fat checks rolling to them. They are a cult unto themselves.

  • Anonymous posted at 2:15 pm on Mon, Oct 8, 2012.

    Anonymous Posts: 128106

    tomtom, you forgot a few key reasons NOT to vote for Romney:

    Romney is a pathological liar.
    Romney is a draft dodger. 4 Deferments during Vietnam.
    Romney has not released any specifics on any plans.
    Romney has released a generic tax reform plan that does not pass the math muster.
    Romney has proposed tax cuts that will add an additional 5 trillion in debt.
    Romney wants to fire Big Bird.
    Romney refuses to release his tax returns (participant in the tax amnesty program? Hmm).
    Romney flip flops on every issue.
    Romney thinks Russia is our leading enemy.

    Voting for President Obama is the easiest decision I have made in an election.

  • Tomtom posted at 2:27 pm on Sat, Oct 6, 2012.

    Tomtom Posts: 2337

    Guess I’ll have to vote for Obama because:

    Romney hates women.
    Romney wants to put blacks back in chains.
    Romney killed a steel workers wife.
    Romney is a tax felon because he didn’t pay taxes for ten years.
    Romney is a successful rich man and Obama says we should hate successful rich people
    Romney shipped state jobs overseas while governor.
    Romney is rich and because of that he should pay my fair share of taxes.

    Voting for the right candidate is easy. Just listen to Obama’s supporters. They know what’s best.

  • Anonymous posted at 10:07 am on Sat, Oct 6, 2012.

    Anonymous Posts: 128106

    To Tomika: Exactly how do you feel Gov. Romney should have spoken to President Obama. He was never disrespectful to him, only corrected the President when the President was stating incorrectly Gov. Romney's position. Gov. Romney treated President Obama with a lot more respect than Senator Obama treated then President Bush 4 years ago.

    -Jan B.

  • Anonymous posted at 6:00 pm on Fri, Oct 5, 2012.

    Anonymous Posts: 128106

    You think 7.8% is good. You ain't seen nothing yet. Barry is going to make the unemplyment figures come out the day before the election. Wanna guess what the new figure is gonna be? 5.0 my friend. He told you he would get it to 5 while he was president. He can do wonders with figures!


  • Anonymous posted at 4:05 pm on Fri, Oct 5, 2012.

    Anonymous Posts: 128106

    This forum is very humorous. Both sides would believe anything that comes out of their candidates mouths. President Obama supporters are so upset that he did poorly they can only talk about how Gov. Romney lied. ( like what came out of the Presidents mouth was all factual. Gov. Romney supporters were so excited that he seemed to upstage the President that they probably can't give you any more insight as to the man himself than before the debate. That leaves the rest of us to decide the lesser of the 2 EVILS.

    -Jan B.

  • Anonymous posted at 12:52 pm on Fri, Oct 5, 2012.

    Anonymous Posts: 128106

    So articles written by biased conservatives is supposed to influence rational adults who are fully capable of making their own informed decisions? Seriously? I love my country. I love my fellow Americans. Thats one of the reasons Im voting for President Obama, to save it from people brainwashed by hate-media falsehoods. Get educated, get informed, go vote.

    The Handwriting – Current Unemployment rate 7.8%. Obama approval rating 54%. 150 million raised by Obama in September. Obama Leading national polls by 5%.

  • Tomtom posted at 9:18 am on Fri, Oct 5, 2012.

    Tomtom Posts: 2337

    I believe Michael Moore and Al Gore explained Obama’s problem well. Moore said he was distracted by a loud noise and Gore said it was because the elevation is so high in Denver. How can anyone expect the man to remember things he has done at 5000 feet?

  • Anonymous posted at 8:21 am on Fri, Oct 5, 2012.

    Anonymous Posts: 128106

    Did everyone see Al Gore's explanation of why Obama did so poorly in the debate???
    To think that we were a few hundred votes away from him becoming president in 2000 truly scares me!!!


  • Anonymous posted at 8:11 am on Fri, Oct 5, 2012.

    Anonymous Posts: 128106

    I enjoyed watching the debate and fact checking Romney. I also enjoyed the substance and depth in the responses by President Obama. What I find hilarious, Romney lies aside, is the horde of ads hitting the airwaves in the battleground states highlighting the “two” Romneys in “their” own voice. This clown doesnt even agree with himself. The Democrat narrative should become “can you trust that Romney means what he says? Can you trust him with your taxes and Medicare?”.

    Quick quiz! Which campaign held a press conference immediately after the debate to walk back lies? Romney.

    Im curious about the reaction of Independents to the debates. independents are better informed than either Democrats or Republicans. I wonder how they viewed the 30 something fallacies that Romney hurled rapid fire.

    Unemployment rate 7.8%. Obama approval rating 54%. 150 million raised by Obama in September. Leading national polls by 5%.

    Obama / Biden 2012

  • Anonymous posted at 1:54 am on Fri, Oct 5, 2012.

    Anonymous Posts: 128106

    Nowhere was there a real plan for reducing government, balancing the budget any time in the foreseeable future, or a path that will actually put Americans back to work.
    We heard two politicians arguing over which of their plans for government-run health care is less bad. We heard fantasies about balancing the budget while not reducing Medicare costs.
    On tax cuts, at which point Obama said "When it comes to our tax code, Governor Romney and I both agree that our corporate tax rate is too high, so I want to lower it, particularly for manufacturing, taking it down to 25 percent."
    Obama said "On energy, Governor Romney and I, we both agree that we've got to boost American energy production, and oil and natural gas production are higher than they've been in years." So, we haven't even gotten past THE FIRST QUESTION and they are totally in agreement!!
    What a joke.

  • Anonymous posted at 1:00 am on Fri, Oct 5, 2012.

    Anonymous Posts: 128106

    Obama looked like a deer caught in a hunters headlights as Romney pinned him down in the debate. Next day I got at least a dozen emails from DemocRATs. They didn't have any valid points to make Obama look good, so they just accused Romney of telling lies. They forgot to mention that for every lie Romney told, Obama told at least three or four lies. One thing that was very clear, Obama can not run on his record because the only record he has is failure.


  • Anonymous posted at 5:29 pm on Thu, Oct 4, 2012.

    Anonymous Posts: 128106

    Anon 2:24 pm - You can reiterate everything you just said but instead replace Romney with Obama. There are multiple ways you can look at this scenario. Losing a debate or winning a debate doesn't have any significance on the outcome of an election. To discuss a few things you mentioned... If Obama's problem was that he wasn't as consistent as Romney on talking points then he has a serious problem in the upcoming debates because we've already seen Obama's fullest potential in his speeches (with or without a telepromter)... Also you asked who is the real Romney? Gee it is 4 years later and I still do not know much about Obama... that alone goes without saying... If you think Romney will get burned for changing his views so often then why hasn't Obama been burned for not keeping his promises he made in 2004. Enough blaming the last administration.......


  • Anonymous posted at 2:24 pm on Thu, Oct 4, 2012.

    Anonymous Posts: 128106

    Not so fast Romney voters. Remember Bush lose the first 2004 debate with Kerry but won the election.

    CNN Polls: Kerry won debate #cnn

    CNN Poll: Most watchers say Romney debate winner – CNN Political Ticker -

    Romney still has time for more gaffes. Now I will vote for Obama; but why doesn't Romney be more of himself on the campaign trail? I think most of Obama's problem was that Romney wasn't consistent with his talking points. Who is the real Romney? Will he get burned for changing his views so often? Will Romney oppose something he said in the first debate then Obama can call him out on it?

    I can't wait for the next debates. Lets see if Romney can hold onto his facts.

    -Free Will

  • Tomtom posted at 2:13 pm on Thu, Oct 4, 2012.

    Tomtom Posts: 2337

    Tomika, do you think the president should have walked over and smacked Romney, or maybe had him arrested for dissing him?

  • Anonymous posted at 1:38 pm on Thu, Oct 4, 2012.

    Anonymous Posts: 128106

    10:01 poster, Right, James!!!! Tell that to your like minded friends they will agree with you!!!

  • Anonymous posted at 1:28 pm on Thu, Oct 4, 2012.

    Anonymous Posts: 128106

    Tomtom Chris Matthews tingle in his leg turned into a HEADACHE after last night!!!!! PRICELESS!!!
    Where's the Obama/Biden 2012 ZEALOT today????? HIDING???? Where's your usual RANT???


  • Anonymous posted at 1:23 pm on Thu, Oct 4, 2012.

    Anonymous Posts: 128106

    Tomtom I also went there to get a good LAUGH!!! I can't wait until November and after the election I will expect Chris Matthews,Ed Shultz,ODonnel,Rachael Maddow and the rest of the liberal LOONS on MSNBC to commit suicide on national TV!!!! I was watching Alan Colmes on Fox today and he was LIVID and blaming Mitt for misstating the facts about Obama!!! PRICELESS!!!


  • Anonymous posted at 1:11 pm on Thu, Oct 4, 2012.

    Anonymous Posts: 128106

    Watching Mitt Romney debate Obama reminded me of Clint Eastwood talking to a empty chair!!!
    Obama was HELPLESS when confronted with FACTS about his NUMEROUS LIES all he could do was resort to his talking points !!! His ears were RED from EMBARRASSMENT!!! Totally helpless without scripted answers or a teleprompter!!!
    Tomika,Mitt was not disrespectful he was CONFIDENT and in control of the FACTS!!! Obama looked liked a child that just got scolded for REPEATEDLY LYING by his father!!! You can't tell the difference because you are BIASED!!!


  • Anonymous posted at 11:56 am on Thu, Oct 4, 2012.

    Anonymous Posts: 128106

    Obama thinks that all you have to do is walk around with a charming smile and appear cordual and wave to the cameras on his way from one campaign event after another for the last 4 years. He has NO CLUE what it takes to get people working and is so prejuiduced in his views that he will not change course like Bill Clinton did before his second term!
    Obama got elected to the Senate from Illinois in a district that was largely African Americans.He did this by whipping up black people's anger towards white Americans by making remarks like were recently reported about reguarding the aid to Katrina victims in New Orleans! He is just another Jessee Jackson or Al Sharpton! He has managed to hide this from the majority of Americans with the aid of the Liberal Media!
    In November vote for Romney/Ryan if you want CHANGE!

    -My Opinion

  • Anonymous posted at 11:50 am on Thu, Oct 4, 2012.

    Anonymous Posts: 128106

    Mr. Romney appeared very "presidential". Barry O looked liked he was being interrogated for a crime and appeared very guilty.

  • Anonymous posted at 11:32 am on Thu, Oct 4, 2012.

    Anonymous Posts: 128106

    Obama's performance last night was pathetic!!

  • Anonymous posted at 11:28 am on Thu, Oct 4, 2012.

    Anonymous Posts: 128106

    I reluctantly agree that Obama let us down. He let that Romney talk down to him. Obama is the President and Romney should have more respect. I just don't understand why Obama would let anyone talk to him with so much disrespect. It is just ashamed.


  • Tomtom posted at 10:43 am on Thu, Oct 4, 2012.

    Tomtom Posts: 2337

    The best thing about the debate was watching MSNBC critique it. They were livid at Obama’s performance. Sharpton could hardly say anything withour first calling Romney a liar. The little guy with the weird black glasses got so carried away that no one even knew what he was talking about. The only one that that was coherent was the pointy head bald guy.

    It was entertaining.

  • Anonymous posted at 10:01 am on Thu, Oct 4, 2012.

    Anonymous Posts: 128106

    If you consider lying through your teeth and back pedaling on your own positions winning, then I guess Romney won. If you are fond of the truth and a thoughtful, measured response, Obama stomped Romney.

  • Anonymous posted at 9:40 am on Thu, Oct 4, 2012.

    Anonymous Posts: 128106

    I have never ever witnessed BHO think on his feet without support from a teleprompter. When challenged, he curls up into the fetal position. lol

  • Anonymous posted at 9:25 am on Thu, Oct 4, 2012.

    Anonymous Posts: 128106

    About two-thirds through the debate I switched from C-SPAN to MSNBC. I wanted to see the reaction from Rachael, Ed, Chris Hayes, Rev Al and Chris Matthews. I was not disappointed. I swear this was the best half hour of television in many years. They were livid. As a true conservative, it was priceless.CR

  • Anonymous posted at 9:22 am on Thu, Oct 4, 2012.

    Anonymous Posts: 128106

    Romney was ready to dispute the Obama lies. Obama was arrogant and visibly mad at being held accountable for all of his failures. I agree that Romney won and will make a better President than Obama. I can’t wait to see Ryan mop the floor with Biden.

  • Anonymous posted at 9:10 am on Thu, Oct 4, 2012.

    Anonymous Posts: 128106

    Oh no, Obama uses a teleprompter. Just like every single president before him.


  • Anonymous posted at 8:40 am on Thu, Oct 4, 2012.

    Anonymous Posts: 128106

    This may have be the best debate I seen between presidential candidates. Both came across smart and respective of the other.

    Mitt will have to explain his inconsistencies. What does he really believe? He was more moderate than tea party in this debate. On the trail he is much more conservative. That may work for a voter that only started to engage in the campaign. But may confuse indies who have been watching for months. Can Mitt translate this good performance to the campaign trail?

    Obama seemed surprised Mitt had less conservative talking points. He also seemed to pause before speaking which made him seem less confident. He may have been surprised at Romney's performance. Where was the 47%? Will Obama get more aggressive in the next debate?

    Below is a good link to summarizing the truths.

    Dubious Denver Debate Declarations: Obama and Romney swap exaggerations and false claims in their first meeting:

    -Free Will

  • Anonymous posted at 7:51 am on Thu, Oct 4, 2012.

    Anonymous Posts: 128106

    Mitt Romney did indubitably well! His posture, his eye contact, his principal targets and his talking points also made it apparent that he brought confidence. He is sincere when he says he is going to make us a "Better America". All the facts of extreme decline over the past 4 years show this country is stagnant and is only going to get worse if we do not do something about it. GO MITT! Now lets pray for a strong Vice Presidential debate!! Go Paul Ryan! God bless! For the record, to all the democrats, by no way am I trying to argue or bash Obama, I commend him on his "efforts" of becoming president. I am just simply saying that it is evident that Obama is incompetent. Time for America to hire a new President. If Romney isn't doing the job in 4 years, I shall vote for someone else. Amen!



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