We on the right are being tolerate of the left. We have given the left a great deal of freedom with the reins to government and look what they have done. The right is not impressed with high debt and unemployment. We are not happy with replacing ╲In God We Trust╡ with ╲keep your mouth shut╡. Abortion on demand is different from Capital punishment? Problem is that the abortion is killing of the innocent while the left is against killing of a criminal. We are part of the time honored meaning that ╲marriage╡ is the joining of man and women. We really donâ•˙t care if you want a partnership just donâ•˙t call it ╲marriage╡. The name has already been reserved.

Now a word of caution, the right has allowed the pendulum to swing to the left. However, there is just so much we can take before it moves back to the right. Case in point is what happened in Germany and Italy in the late 30â•˙s. In the 20â•˙s and e! arly 30â•˙s both countries let the pendulum swing far to the left. When the people got tired of the leftist they embraced the ideals of Mussolini and Hitler to save their country from the left.

The left had better not embitter the right. History tells us that the higher the pendulum swings to the left, the pendulum will swing back to the right just as high. Be modest in your gains and ask for compromise rather than digging in your heels. We donâ•˙t need the Fascist nor will we accept the Communist. We want rule of law for all and not something like ╲Jim Crow Law╡.

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