As the election for the various candidates and offices approaches, lets take a few minutes to think about who we will vote for. I, for one, am very interested in the City Council race in District 1--3 candidates, 1 who has already served on the City Council previously and was absent from what I remember quite often. 1 who has worked as an educator to our children as a teacher, coach, beautification advocate, and media veteran. And 1 who is new in every way to the political scene and seems to have alot of "money" behind her campaign, but is there experience in dealing with the public on a daily basis as will need to be dealt with. My wife and I are still up in the air over who to vote for; however, my son and his wife are going with the "older woman" ( no disrespect intended) over the younger woman because my son works in the sugar cane industry and says the younger woman is being backed by a former council member who ha! s a vendetta against the current Mayor and Council agenda. I guess my question is, why can't candidates just be themselves and not align themselves with individuals that only have their own interests at heart and not the people's interest? I believe my wife and I will also vote the way of my son and his wife because in my heart I feel this candidate has the best interest of the people in her heart and mind and truly cares. Thanks for allowing this old man who loves New Iberia to vent a bit.

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