I wish people on this forum would spend more time writing about  our history. For example I can name two famous guys who stayed here each for a time.  Howard  Hughes  the billionaire from Humble, Texas  stayed in a rented house on  Highway  182 West near the airport for a time. Hughes even dated a local lady who was a telephone operator for Southern Bell Telephone Co. She recently passed away. I interviewed her about him but she was always afraid to go public with her story. ( when I die I promise you will get all the details)   Also a well known movie critic , Rex Reed , stayed at the Treelawn Trailer Park on Center Street across from Iberia Animal Clinic in the late 1950's. One night  on the Johnny Carson Show he spoke about how lonely he was living in New Iberia with his parents. Rex said just about every night he would walk to the Essanee  Theater and escape the boredom of the small town watching movies.  In the summer of 1968 Senator Edward Kennedy  came to Iberia Parish for a  visit to the Avery Island Salt Mine.  His brother Bobby has been killed in June and the trip was kept real secret. A friend and I found about it and we ended up seeing Kennedy in Crowley, LA later that night. He had been a guest of then Congressman Edwin Edwards  and Crowley City Judge Edmond Reggie.  Well there are so , so many more interesting things we could write about on this wonderful forum, I just wanted to take the time to mention a few.

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