For all the neahsayers of Ron Paul, this bud's for you. As long as the status quo of the two party system is allowed to rule, nothing will change. Nothing. It's up to brave individuals to get involved in the election of patriots with the country as their main concern. Remember you get what you deserve. All one has to do is look at all the voter fraud and rule changes that kept Ron off the republican ticket. In my heart I knew the corrupt system would swallow him up. If he were the nominee, we wouldn't be talking about Barry being re-elected. Ron would have garnered all of those voters "on the fence". Those independent voters that make up a large majority. His election would have been resounding. At present, it is just the same ole same ole. Nothing will change as long as there are those that benefit from the staus quo- backroom deals, bribes, payoffs, and sell outs. It's up to those that want things to change to get invol! ved. But heah, that might be too much effort. C.C.

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