Jeanerette elected a new mayor on April 30. Fifty-eight percent of the registered voters turned out to elect a new mayor. This was somewhat better than the 49 percent that voted in the April 2 primary. Still, a pretty disappointing turnout for an election that was so important. The current mayor has been in office since 1999 and also served from 1971 to 1983. The voters had an opportunity to vote in a new fresh candidate, Mr. Lancon, with good vision and plans for improvement. The voters instead, elected someone who had been in the position to make a difference years ago, but did not accomplish much given his past opportunity. Jeanerettte voters took a tiny step forward voting in an experienced man, but took 10 giant steps backward electing Mr. DeClouet who had his chance, but produced little results for Jeanerette. Clueless voters missed the boat AGAIN!

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