BATON ROUGE – LSU University College presented its annual “Celebration of Excellence” Spring Awards Reception recently at the LSU Faculty Club. University College awarded $49,250 through 54 scholarships, and $9,500 through nine LSU faculty teaching awards and one LSU Advisor of the Year Award.

 Cha’ Morris Charles and Allison Talley, both of New Iberia, were awarded LSU University College’s Glenda W. Streva Allied Health Scholarship.

Charles, a freshman majoring in pre-nursing, and Talley, a junior majoring in pre-nursing, join an elite group of scholarship recipients. Charles is a graduate of New Iberia High School, while Talley is a graduate of Catholic High School in New Iberia.

 The Glenda W. Streva Allied Health Scholarship is provided through the support of Carl J. Streva and in memorial of his late wife, Glenda W. Streva. It is awarded to a full-time LSU student enrolled in University College in Pre-Nursing with a minimum of 2.0 GPA, and resides in St. Mary, St. Martin or Iberia Parishes.

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